With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) taking over and destroying the economy along with a lot of families and lives across the globe some companies are doing well. It may seem like an inappropriate time to discuss money in a time like this, some people might say things like: “money is the root of all evil!” or “how could you even think of money in a time like this?” but right now is probably the MOST appropriate time to speak about money simply because millions of people have lost their jobs due to this virus.  On top of that to the families who have lost a family member or to anyone who has lost a friend due to this virus families might need additional income for various reasons (funerals, etc.). So even though we have an enormous issue in society today (this pandemic), we also have the opportunity to make a lot of money to improve the quality of our lives. How? Well when the pandemic started it would have been wise to short airline stocks – which would have shown up on the charts if you had access to our indicators – or you can keep up with the news and find out what companies are in need right now. FEDEX for example is in need because people are ordering things online, AMAZON is also very bullish right now as well. If you were able to buy a few option shares, or stock shares of AMAZON then you would have made a profit. Why do these companies  stocks soar during this time? Well – people NEED their services. These businesses are services to the world and in a time like this when people are too scared to walk outside – THEY can help deliver items directly to your doorstep. Take a few moments to think about companies that might be in need right now and maybe those would be good investments. 

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