4-27-2023: Does a Traders Winning Percentage Rate Matter?

Does A Traders Winning Percentage Matter?

A lot of beginner traders are impressed when marketers say that they have a high winning percentage rate. A lot of marketers and traders might say they have a 80 or a 90 or even a 100% winning rate but what does this mean???

Does this mean that they’re profitable on the majority of their trades and that if you trade with them or learn from them then you’re going to win and become financially independent or abundant? Absolutely not. It doesn’t mean that all. 

How can that be? 

Well…. someone can place 10 trades in a day and win 9 of them and lose 1 of them. They can have very small break even winners and ONE big loser…. and vise versa. Therefore, winning percentage does NOT matter as much as you think it does.

What matters is:
 – Risk management 
 – Entry points 
 – Exit points 
 – Strategy 

In order to trade effectively you want to understand risk management and when to get out of trades and when to hold onto trades. You’ll have to enter at STRATEGIC points, in comparison to just entering into the market at any random point. You’ll have to know how to HOLD onto a trade and EXIT that trade at it’s most profitable point by learning trends and support / resistance levels. 

So…. does it matter? 

NO. Watch the video above for more insight!