2-28-2023: The Power of Focus

The Power of Focus

Having the ability to focus for extended periods of time is a superpower. Why? Because everything requires focus. Whether it’s staying focused in school or college or staying focused while you’re writing code. Focus and the ability to focus for long periods of time WILL make you successful in almost every endeavor. 

So how do you become focused? How do you develop focus?

Well, coming from me, focus is directly connected to your values. If you want more focus in life, ask yourself what you value. Do you really value your future? Do you really value your success? If you do, it’ll hit you hard and you’ll know that you HAVE to stay focused in order to have a better tomorrow. You’ll force yourself to stay focused. 

Now, there are certain cases where brain fog kicks in and you just can’t focus… in fact… many people suffer from this. Many people have foggy minds, many people let their anxieties take over, many people get bored easily. So how would someone get better? How would someone actually develop the ability to focus for long periods of time?

Well for starters, reading can develop focus. How and why? Well… reading is a very low energy activity. It requires you to sit down and basically do nothing for about an hour. Physically, you’re just sitting there turning pages in a book, but mentally, you’re very active. This is a great way to develop focus and the ability to get interested in something. 

Another way to develop more focus is by eating healthy foods. A secret of mine is I love to drink spinach and water smoothies. Sometimes I might throw some fruits in there, but spinach and water smoothies can really help you focus. Diet plays a huge role in cognitive function and mood. It’s not required to be healthy to be successful, but if you want a well rounded life, then being healthy is a plus. 

So…. in order to trade stocks you have to have the ability to focus for extended periods of time. Trading stocks might be exciting for some, and it can be boring for others. There are moments while you’re trading stocks where things will get exciting – for example, if you’re in a profitable trade. Then again, there are also moments where trading might get a little boring – looking for a setup or waiting for a setup to appear. 

So to wrap this blog post up, focus is a superpower! It can help you in ANY endeavor. With conversations, with trading, with investing, with coding, with reading, with college / school, with work… anything!