4-12-2023: What Chart Time Frame Should You Trade On?

What Time Frame Should You Trade On?

Trading can get a little confusing, especially to those who are new to it. Investing in general can be confusing to everyone. 

Anyway, what time frame is best to trade on? There’s no specific answer to that question. It’s all a matter of preference and it all depends on what type of trader you are. 

If you’re a long term position holder, like Warren Buffet, you might stick to the 4 hour, day or even weekly time frame. 

However, if you’re a scalper (holding positions for a few minutes) you might trade on the second chart. 

Most day traders trade on the one, five and fifteen minute time frame… and they close out on their positions at the end of the day because they have no idea if the market will jump or drop the following day – unless something happens in the news which makes them hold onto their positions. 

Most swing traders hold onto their positions for a matter of days or weeks. So they usually use the one hour or four hour time frame. 

Now, when I say this, it’s all very fluid. Meaning that what I say isn’t set in stone. Many day traders might go from the DAY chart to see which direction the trend is moving, then the 4 hour, then the hour, then the 30 minute, then the 15 minute all the day down to the 1 minute to see if their trading is in alignment to the trend of the price. 

With that being said, take a look at the video I’ve posted above.- it can offer you some good insight into what time frame you should use. 

Good luck traders & investors!