01-06-2023 – APPL / TSLA / NVDA

This week we’re STILL looking at TSLA. Why? Well since December 1st 2022 TSLA has dropped from about $200 to $100 – which was a great opportunity for short sellers. Why? Well the market dropped approximately $100 and with one option contract being equal to 100 shares this drop could have been life changing for some and a wonderful Christmas present for others. 

Apart from that, this week we’ve also been looking at AAPL and NVDA. In fact, we’ve been looking at those stocks for the day (1.6.2023). If you notice, in the video above, the charts were very similar for a lot of ticker symbols (tsla, aapl, spy, qqq, nvda, nflx) starting off in a bullish trend, switching over to a bearish trend, then back to bullish and staying bullish for the rest of the day  – according to our analysis and indicators.